maandag 11 juli 2011

Wie ben ik?

My name is Myriam Leforestier, I was born and raised in Angers in the Loire Valley (France), lived in Spain, in the USA, and am in the Netherlands since february 2000. I have lived since then many years in Weert, and now have been located in Geldrop close to Eindhoven since the end of 2007.

After years of working in Companies, I realized that it was time to make my greatest hobby my profession.  Therefore, I created "Myriam Photo" in 2005 and decided to dedicate all my time to Photography, following the steps of my Grand-Father who was a Photographer in Saint-Servan, French Brittany (Bretagne).

I grew up in an environment where my parents developed pictures in the black room of our cellar, I received my first camera at the age of 10 years old, and have been taking pictures ever since, like a second skin... I love to photograph people, I capture moments, emotions, feelings...  welcome to my blog!

"Myriam Photo" is celebrating its 10 official years in 2015 ! check out my Facebook page for current actions to celebrate this event.

As of today, I took up a 'regular job' again, which I am very passionate about. I now photograph on Saturday's only or on demand as per availability.

Articles will be posted in English, Dutch, French or Spanish, depending of my mood of the day...

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